Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Galaxy Babes

A buddy posted this article in the Space Opera group on FB today. Of all the science fiction magazines from the "old days" I think I like Planet Stories best. Obviously I wasn't around when it was being published, but stories from that publication have appeared in countless collections (especially those sort of low-quality "50 Sci-Fi Classics!" e-book collections of public domain stories). I've read a few at Comic Books Plus and thoroughly enjoyed the stories and artwork. A lot of greats cut their teeth in Planet Stories. It seems like it was about the best option for the sword-and-planet genre. My favorite writer of that genre, Leigh Brackett, earned most of her bread and butter here (that's one of her stories in the illustration). Of course, Planet Stories was mostly known for its "good girl" cover art, which was sort of a PG13 forerunner of the Barbarella look. Great compositions, bright colors, strong lines. They may not be politically correct, but they make great magazine covers, posters, calendars, etc. - these are in the public domain now, so you see 'em everywhere. A while back I printed a bunch of these and turned them into wall art for my hobby room. Note the triangles and zig-zags in these compositions, as well as what might seem like a preoccupation with light bondage - very common in the magazine covers of the day. Enjoy.

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