Wednesday, June 1, 2016

D&D Clarifications From Beyond the Grave

When Gary Gygax was alive, he was a regular participant in the forums at Dragonsfoot. In that time, he answered all kinds of questions about various forms of D&D, specifically his baby AD&D. I remember some of his answers being surprising. Often, questioners were far more concerned about "the right way to play" than Gary seemed to be. That being said, he'd happily digress into excruciating minutia regarding alignments, druids, weapons proficiencies, and so on. Leon Baradat has compiled all of those separate threads into one massive (somewhat low quality) PDF. While it's certainly not what I'd call casual reading, you can pretty much randomly sift through it and discover some interesting tidbits. The one thing I take away from it more than anything is that edition warriors and old-school purists either don't know or conveniently forget that Gygax himself didn't really love all the AD&D rules, openly admits to writing the Dungeon Masters Guide ("off the top of my head") and so forth. The purist approach to D&D is a castle built on fluid. There's never been a right or wrong way to play, and Gary always acknowledged that.

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