Friday, May 20, 2016

Pinball Art of Gordon Morison

One of my favorite artists is Gordon Morison (not to be confused with the botanical illustrator Gordon Morrison), who is mostly known for pinball machine art. I became acquainted with his work from the app Pinball Underground, which I play on my Kindle Fire. Something about the art for the game "Genie" spoke to me, and it wasn't just the buxom Caucasian-looking Arabic women. Morison's style reminds me of one of my favorites, Alex Raymond, who did the old Flash Gordon strip. He also reminds me of a more psychedelic John Buscema. Morison also worked in advertising, but his tendency to "borrow" art led to him being asked to leave at least one company. Morison worked on about 200 machines for Gottlieb, the pinball wizards of the 1970s. I like this retro look, somewhere between the old pulp serials and the "maximalist" LSD-inspired art of the 1970s. Here are a few of my favorite Morison pieces.

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  1. Love them! I think that Solor Ride should be on this list as well: