Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More About Morlocks

When I was a kid, my interest in H.G. Wells was awakened by the underrated (if a bit dated) time travel movie Time After Time. The film posits that Wells (Malcolm McDowell) actually built his time machine, and it was used by Jack the Ripper (the fabulous movie baddie David Warner) to escape to 1970s San Fransisco. Wells chases him down into the future, meanwhile falling in love with a young and adorable Mary Steenburgen. Next, my mother got me some cassette tape/book combos called "Audi-See" that told an abbreviated version of Wells's actual novel. That's when I heard about the Morlocks. They scared the crap out of me as a kid - even the slightly silly ones from the classic Rod Taylor version of the movie. All that is by way of introducing today's link. The Swords and Stitchery old-school gaming blog has a nice article about Morlocks, and their associated gaming ripoffs such as Grimlocks from Ye Olde Fiend Folio. I found it interesting. You might, too.

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