Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beautiful Swedish RPG

Here is a look at a new Swedish fantasy roleplaying game called Symbaroum. There are 1.52 gajillion fantasy roleplaying games out there. Why did I notice this one? The art. And not only the art, but the graphic design of the book itself. The "weighty hardback RPG" has never looked better - of course, that's just my opinion. Check these out these page spreads (in Swedish).

I'd almost buy this in Swedish - which I don't know - and I'll certainly pick up an English version if and when it drifts into my friendly neighborhood game store. I'm a sucker for a good-looking game. Some gamers think art and design don't really matter. I agree they shouldn't be the reason one chooses to play a game. But it's a good enough reason to buy a book. And let's face it, a great game is even better when it's expressed in a form that you find aesthetically pleasing for whatever reason. Book-feel, art quality, design - all of that matters to me as a game-player and consumer. Obviously, someone sank a lot of money into Symbaroum, and it shows (not that you need such lush, evocative art to achieve great design - just look at Fiasco). Even if Symbaroum turns out to be just another middle-of-the-road fantasy game, I'll take that over a middle-of-the-road fantasy game that doesn't look as good.

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