Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TSR's Old Marvel Game is Free and Clear!

Yep, it's true, and it's all right here, plus a whole lot more.

From the old-school gamers group on facebook: "This is from a very reliable source. The Marvel Super Heroes rpg by TSR, the PDFs are legal to download for free. David Edward Martin wrote one of my favorite books for MSH the Ultimate Powers Book, and I told him so that is why he thanks me for the complement. David Edward Martin - 'Mitch,I thanks for the complement. Don't worry about downloading any of the Marvel game books. The game is as incredibly, permanently defunct as the "TSR" trademark. Hasbro-Kenner-MiltonBradley has lost any interest in it. Back before Wizards of the Coast was digested, they knew of the online copies and expressed tacit approval.' This site is the legal online archive for everything made for MSH in PDF form all the books are in the download section.

This was the first superhero game I ever played and it was the first game at all I played with what turned out to be my first long-term gaming group. I remember nothing about the rules, but in looking at the character profiles on the site, I see how easy it would be to fit them into some Fudge-like context (the original game wasn't).

Anyway, this is worth perusing just for the HUGE list of superhero stats - not only from Marvel but from pretty much everywhere else. Check it out.

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