Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why Edgar Rice Burroughs Still Matters

I saw this link today in the ERB group on Facebook and wanted to share it. It's dead-on. My lifelong interest in speculative fiction in all media was strongly influenced by ERB, and still is (although, to be fair, my first fantasy love was The Wizard of Oz, followed by Tolkien).

Carl Sagan talks about ERB and his Mars novels in the original Cosmos, which is where I first heard of him. On my first day of junior high, my parents gave me A Princess of Mars, despite this semi-lurid cover (I've seen worse).

I read all the Mars novels that year, and started on Tarzan, Carson Napier of Venus, the Pellucidar novels...ERB wrote a lot of formulaic throwaways (I've even published one) but when he was at his best he was gold. If you're not familiar with his work, or only familiar through the films, I'd suggest giving the article a read.

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