Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wet, Wild Mars

Mars - the place Carl Sagan called our "Mythic Arena" in the sky, the nearest planet whose surface we can see, the site of adventurous fiction from Edgar Rice Burroughs to Leigh Brackett to Andy Weir. Liquid water obviously used to flow there. Enough to support life? Who knows. I did come across an interesting article about how much water used to be there and when - or at least a study that says it was more prevalent, more recently, than anyone realized. I didn't know that Mars has such an extreme axial tilt, and that we would too, if the Moon didn't keep us in check. I wonder how different life would be on Earth - or if life would exist at all - if we didn't have a Moon? Apparently those two little runts circling Mars ain't doin' their jobs.

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