Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Art of Lou Fine

Delving recently into old comic books, one artist in particular caught my eye - Lou Fine. I don't need to tell you what a great artist he was. Just look at these covers. He drew and inked for several books, but I think his covers for Hit Comics are some of his best. It's tough to achieve this level of clarity and detail without losing a sense of action. Fine was a master at bringing meticulous draftsmanship to the field of comic art. Atlas Comics named him No. 10 on the list of 100 greatest comic artists, but I think he might deserve an even better rank. Said the listing: "By God, Lou Fine could draw. One of comics' first illustrative stars, he influenced and astounded such later greats as Alex Toth, Jim Steranko, and Gil Kane. His covers alone during the 1940s stand as some of the best-designed and most exciting work ever produced for any comic book publisher."

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