Friday, April 10, 2015

Early Christian Gay Marriage

This is absolutely fascinating to me. I had never heard of this. I love it for one simple reason - it's likely to irritate both sides. Those who twist a single Biblical reference referring to rules for priests into an overall condemnation of same-sex marriage will be irritated that some factions of the early church tolerated and sanctified same-sex relations (and will probably tell themselves this is a big hoax). On the other hand, many otherwise reasonable liberal types would prefer to see the Christian faith as a monolithic boogeyman of hate, and this puts the lie to that, too, regardless of the actions of the Lunatic Fringe on the Right these days. Don't normally get political on this blog, but this has historical significance. I'd love it if loving couples were allowed to marry, regardless of their gender. I'd love it if the Right didn't paint the Left with such a broad brush, and I'd love it if the Left didn't assume everyone on the Right was an asshole. We all have reasons for believing what we believe, but I'd be surprised if any of us spend most of our time and efforts hating others. I'm as guilty as anyone of the occasional knee-jerk reaction against something that seems unjust, but I do try not to assume maliciousness (though malice it may be) when ignorance or fear could also be the cause. Not that it matters much in the end what anyone's intentions are. All that really matters are actions.

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