Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hounds of Ulster

Many folks in my family have done some fairly intense research into the family history - both on the Scott side (my mother's maiden name) and McAnally. Never mind the Scotts for now, because this is St. Patrick's Day (though truth be told, it seems I've got more Scottish in me than Irish). At one time the McAnallys were known as the "hounds of Ulster," and the original Irish version of the name, Mac Con Ulaidh, means "son of the hound of Ulster." The clan was thought of as fierce warriors. None of this genetic predisposition has passed to me, unless you count war-gaming. A later, Gaelic spelling is Mac an Fhailghigh, which means "a poor man," so I think I prefer the former. At any rate, on this St. Patrick's Day let's remember the Irish Hercules, Cu Chulainn. Given the meaning of Mac Con Ulaidh, I like to think there is some tenuous connection between me and this Hound of Ulster.

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