Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why I'm Not a Cop.

Because I actually care about this blog, I try to keep it free of the knee-jerk political posts I sometimes make on Facebook. I don't know why I get involved in that stuff. It usually leaves me emotionally exhausted and pissed off at myself for either starting, or joining in, conversations that are sort of pointless (I mean, when is the last time you ever heard someone change his or her mind after a political conversation?). It's a bad habit, and you can usually tell when I'm in a bad mood from the tone of my Facebook posts.

Today I got a FB message from a friend and mentor that called me a bigot in the politest possible terms (that is, a bigot for the Left, as Woody Allen said). I had to admit it was true.

In an example of scathing self-reflection, let me admit this publicly: I am deeply offended on a personal level every time I hear about a case of police misconduct and/or corruption. And yet, on TV cop shows, when they start beating the crap out of a suspect in the interrogation room, my reaction is usually something like "Hell yeah! Kick his ass!"

Yes, I'd be a terrible cop.

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