Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Pharaoh Titles

Hey all. I've been woefully negligent about keeping up with my blog - mainly because I've been busy. Some of what I'm busy with has now come to light.

Pharaoh Publishing USA has released the second edition of Tales From Homer by my dad, Conley McAnally. It was the first book I did with Pharaoh and over the last year or two I've figured out how to do 'em better. Tales From Homer has been with me my whole life and I wanted to give it the treatment it deserved. I've added a "Who's Who in Doodenville" and an excerpt from the sequel, Tales From the Lake, which is also out. You can order both on Amazon, here and here. I'm also busy with second editions of Conley's Jump, Alaska: Tales From the Interior and Wilson Bay: Tales From an Eskimo Village. Hopefully I'll be finished with those soon. After that, I'll tackle O'Brian's Black & Tan: Tales From an Irish Pub.

Now that I've published pretty much everything my dad has yet written, and have paid tribute to my friend Colin Lee Campbell by publishing his two great books (Tales From Cape City and Funeral Train and Other Stories), I intend to shift Pharaoh's focus from finding new authors to bringing back to print some forgotten classics in the "Tales Time Forgot" series. This will focus on little-known works of speculative fiction that have fallen into the public domain and have been largely forgotten. Even if they're not forgotten, you certainly can't find them in print anywhere. Many people are satisfied with e-books. After all, you can download almost everything ever written that is in the public domain for free or cheap. But you can't get 'em in print. And print is what I love. It's an open niche that needs to be filled.

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