Monday, August 25, 2014

Underwater Adventures?

In our long-running Gonen's World campaign (a tabletop roleplaying game), we've seen the march of history in the imaginary world during the 14 years we've been playing. From a pastoral medieval land of the Age of Fable, to the gaxium-powered technology of the Classic Age and beyond, the thrust of technology always seemed to be "up." Balloons to airships to ether flyers. But in the last campaign, I started wondering about "down." Gonen's World, like ours, is mostly covered by oceans. What's beneath them? While I had intended to jump off into the ether for a Space 1889-style campaign eventually, this picture by Albert Robida, the Victorian-era French illustrator, caught my attention. I wonder if a Jules Vernesque undersea campaign might be fun? Robida is always good for inspiration, and when he works in color, his illustrations really pop. Those of you who know Gonen's World know this picture fits pretty well. It's even in the "official" Gonen's World colors of blue and orange. Cool stuff!

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