Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lester Bangs Interviews Brian Eno

If you're even remotely into Brian Eno, or interested at all in some of his concepts behind the process and practice of writing and recording ambient or generative music (or even rock) this is a must-read.

When Eno says he's "not a musician" he's not being snarky. Interestingly, I've just read Daniel Boorstin on J.S. Bach. Bach said composers have more in common with skilled craftsmen than with artists. I don't entirely disagree. It does seem to jive with some of the things Eno says in this interview. Very interesting views on the creation of music from a fascinating individual. I firmly believe that most great art happens by accident, and that many artists delude themselves ex post facto that they did it on purpose. I certainly feel that way about my own stuff. Eno owns up to this, and in fact seems to prefer it. Discovering music as you create it is a lot more fun than planning it out in advance.

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