Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ecclesia Semper Reformanda

"...the true church cannot declare itself infallible, but rather calls itself ecclesia semper reformanda ("the Church which must be always reformed"), the church that is always repenting of error."

Interesting comment. I read it in an article about the so-called Great Apostasy - the idea that the Christian religion has fallen from an earlier, purer ideal. I fell into that article by clicking over from this one about Christian Anarchism, which seems a little scary. Nevertheless, I agree with Christian Anarchists on one point: government and authority is founded on violence and the threat of  violence. Recent events in nearby Ferguson, Missouri make this all to clear.

At any rate, I had not stumbled over any of these concepts before, and the statement I quoted above really hit home. Wherever we fall on the spectrum of theism to atheism, I think that statement is one most people I know can agree on. Of course, I take that one step farther, and would add that scripture itself cannot be automatically considered infallible. Institutional religion of all stripes has a tendency to devolve into exclusionism, fostering the concept of the "other," and, despite the best intentions of what must be millions of true believers, manages at most a condescending form of love to non-believers.

Personally, I endorse the radical reformation of Christianity and a return to its pre-Nicean roots, if that's even possible. Unfortunately, I'm too busy writing superhero stories, playing old D&D, and watching samurai movies to spearhead that effort.

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