Thursday, August 21, 2014

Call Me Snake: Black Ambient

Since I'm taking a break from social media, I'm sharing more here on my blog. Even though I have no followers, I do get a fairly regular amount of traffic from God-knows-where. You can see from the sidebar I've added a Music page to share some of my creations. Whenever I update that page, I'll share the post here as here goes. 

I enjoy writing and recording music of all kinds. I have been in many rock bands over the years, but aside from occasionally recording with the Electrophonic Foundation, I have essentially lost interest in rock'n'roll, leaving it to younger and more energetic people. My current interest is in ambient, generative and atmospheric music, which I record under the name Call Me Snake. With the last-minute blessing of my late friend Ian Thomas, I have resurrected his CD-R label, Minutewax, to share my stuff with anyone who might be interested. As I release something, I'll post a link to it here and offer commentary that might clutter up the official Minutewax page.

Call Me Snake • Black Ambient
MINWAX03 • 20 minutes
Track List:
01. Night Alone
02. Random Angels
03. Metal Frog
04. Static Stalker
Commentary: This is part one of an ambient trilogy. From the editorial review on Amazon: "Meditation music for metalheads. Drones, bells, static, disembodied tones and voices. Backdrops for sinister moods or creative trances." This is my second ambient recording, and the first one I thought was good enough to share. It is essentially me learning my way around the concept of "generative" music. It is not so much "composed" as "discovered," as I play keyboard parts and layer them without being able to hear the other parts. The notes and chords are generated randomly using music dice. I don't know if anyone else will enjoy this sort of thing, but I find it very helpful to set the mood for deep thinking and writing certain kinds of stories and games. That being said, I wouldn't call it "relaxing." It is a bit too harsh for that. I would like to make it cheaper, but Amazon is the easiest way to share a physical CD. If you really want it and don't want to pay $9 for 20 minutes of drones, hisses, and bells (and who could blame you?), drop me a line and I'll share the mp3 files with you. I think tabletop gamers might like it for horror games such as Call of Cthulhu or something like that. I intend to use it for my gaming explorations of Carcosa.

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