Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Pharaoh Publishing Release...

Pharaoh Publishing USA (my artisanal publishing house) has released My Heart It Beats the Lonely Runner, a collection of rock lyrics and drawings from William (Scott) Chaffin. It's available right here, right now! Scott has been a friend for a long time (like all the Pharaoh authors) and we've been in two formal bands and various side-projects together over the years. Our egos often clashed, but I think we've always been mutual fans and together we produced some incredible stuff. Of course, Scott is extremely prolific and this collection covers only a small sampling of his total output. With an introduction by our frequent musical collaborator Ryan Ashmore, this book is a reunion of sorts. Scott's lyrics are deeper than one might think from watching him hump amplifiers on stage, and his drawings and block prints are strong, deftly executed and somewhat brutal - just like the man himself. In a first for Pharaoh Publishing, I made back my (modest) investment in just a few hours. As I said on the Pharaoh site, that's the power of rock & roll.

Aside from a Kindle version of my dad's latest book, which will be released sometime around Christmas, the 2013 season for Pharaoh has come to a close. In 2014, I'll do more of dad's books, but beyond that, I intend to focus most of Pharaoh's efforts on the Nerd Glows On gaming imprint, with a Manifesto Ultimate Edition and Ryan Ashmore's BRAAAIINS! as well as (hopefully) my own Swords Against Satan (weird fantasy roleplaying in Elizabethan England) and Lex Ludos Simulatis, my retrocloned OGL version of that famous traditional fantasy RPG. Those last two are intensely personal projects - gifts from myself to myself - so I'll take my time on them, and refrain from setting any release dates. BRAAAIINS! is intended to be released in time for Halloween 2014.

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