Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wow (new Cosmos trailer)

I won't get into my love of the original Cosmos here, now. I think this new one looks incredible, at first glance. It captures the right tone. I have high hopes. Seth Macfarlane, of all people, was instrumental in making this happen. Inspirational/educational programming, in prime time, on a major network, may or may not fly, but I'll watch.

I'm not sure I like Neil Degrasse Tyson's new Spaceship of the Imagination as much as I like the old one, but Tyson himself is one of the few people I can think of who can personalize and popularize science the way Carl Sagan did, and with Ann Druyan (Sagan's collaborator and widow) on board, this is as legitimate a re-vamp as it could possibly be. All I needed to see in this trailer was the dandelion seed...

By the way, the screen is black for about 15 seconds at first. That threw me off initially, but it's intentional. 

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