Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Return of the White Orchids

From the "it's the little things that make me happy" department, I bring you this photo.

I started keeping orchids after plowing through a few dozen Nero Wolfe mysteries, and by mid-summer they were all gone (I started pretty early in the spring). I'm told to just keep them in light and keep watering them, and they'll come back. We have very little direct sun at our house, so I decided to "winter" my indoor plants at work (even though it's mid-summer), where there is plenty of light. They sit there, naked stalks on my window sill.

Monday morning I got a surprise to see my white "yellow lime" orchids are back already. I picked them up in mid-June. They were died blue (an Independence Day thing, I think). I brought them up here with a few flowers still in bloom, but they fell off soon after. I don't know when they started coming back, but I just noticed them Monday. I never thought I'd be thrilled over the sight of flowers, but I was. Three beautiful bright white orchids (apparently the blue dye is not perennial, heh) have been keeping me enchanted all week long - and that big bud in the foreground looks like it's going to bloom soon. Edit: I came in a day later to find that last bulb popped - now there are four!

Like I say, it's the little things.

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