Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Funeral Train & Other Stories

Pharaoh Publishing USA has released our second book: Funeral Train & Other Stories by Colin Lee Campbell: you can (and should) order it right here. It's a collection of eight short stories, all in the realm of speculative fiction, ranging from contemporary fantasy to horror to science fiction. My personal favorites are "The Abels," "Horror Vacui" and "The Looking-Glass Planet," but they're all good.

Colin has published his work before, in Atomjack Magazine, Big Pulp and The Absent Willow Review. I think he's got an imaginative but straightforward writing style, with strong characterization. The plots of these stories are all "classic" - not in the sense that we've seen them before, but in that their core idea is always essential to the action of the narrative - that's pretty much the defining element of speculative fiction.

Colin is hesitant to be compared to other writers, and his voice is pretty unique, so that's hard to do. But I'd imagine that fans of the short fiction of Ray Bradbury or Philip K. Dick would enjoy Funeral Train & Other Stories. Needless to say, we're pretty proud of it.

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