Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fantasy Cheese, Pt. 4: Yor, the Hunter From the Future

I'm half-embarrassed to admit it, but this movie was a pretty big influence on my developing creative mind back in 1983. Somewhere between this one, Krull, (which really doesn't deserve to be sullied by mentioning it in relation to Yor) and Saturday morning cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian, it slipped into my head that there was no reason swords and sorcery shouldn't mix with sci-fi. The "sword and laser" subgenre is an interesting one, and one anyone who games with me knows it well. Blame Yor for that, partially.

This Italian movie stars Reb Brown, yet another ex-jock-turned-geekdom-icon, who played Captain America in two late-1970s TV movies (and looks the part). I'm not sure what can be said about Yor, other than it's cheesy, and it was a LOT cooler when I was 11. Here's a trailer.

The BEST and WORST thing about this movie is the sublimely bad theme song, which is most notably audible during the opening credits. However, they also use the Queen-like fanfare, clearly derived from 1980's Flash Gordon, to punch up action scenes like this one (skip to about :58 if you like).

Are there worse movies? You bet. Is this one bad? Oh yeah. But I love it. 

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