Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome Strangers

Usually, when I delete my facebook account, I get a spike in page views here. This blog only has one follower, but every now and then I get a ridiculously high number of page views. In looking back over the blog stats, it seems this usually happens when I've deleted my account. I figure maybe folks are doing a Google search for me or something, hoping to figure out why I'm not on facebook. Otherwise, I've only got one follower (my dad) and maybe two other readers beyond that (my friends Ryan and Colin) so when I blog here, it's basically for them. But it's clear that every now and then, I get other visitors, and I've noticed a serious spike today within a few hours of deleting my facebook account (my highest number of unique page views ever, in fact, which is only 35).

I've decided to leave my facebook account deactivated until after the elections in November. Here's why.

If you're my facebook friend, I want to like you. We may not be actual friends - it seems "we were in the same fourth grade class" or "my brother knows your brother" is a good enough reason to get a friend request. I actually know less than a quarter of my friends.

But the fact remains I want to like you. But frankly, if you're against equal rights for homosexuals - including marriage - if you're against paying taxes to help ensure a social safety net, if you publicly thank Jesus for bringing a Chic-Fil-A to your town (which one "friend" has done) then the truth is, I don't like you, and I don't want to be your friend. 

Unfortunately, many people I went to school with have fallen into that category of people. They feel the need to post about their beliefs regularly; I am obliged to view such things unless I remove that person from my news stream (which I have done). In fact, if I used to get worked up about your posts, but I no longer do, it's because I can't see them. It's easier than getting pissed off about your intolerant, hateful, fearful, selfish beliefs.

This election season is going to get worse before it gets better. I'm not interested in discussing it, hearing about it, or doing anything about it other than voting. No one is going to change anyone's mind with snottily-worded facebook posts. But that's ALL THERE IS RIGHT NOW. So I'm backing away, slowly, to return when things tone down a bit.

If you're one of those 35 anonymous viewers from the Midwest looking for some of the same drama here I occasionally get up to on facebook, you won't find it. This is my special place, for myself and for my friends, where I can be free of such things and just share stuff I care about. If you're interested in sticking around, great. I'm glad to have you.


  1. Hey Seann, I understand about the politics thing completely. I tried to continue or conversation from FB and realized you weren't there anymore. It was great talking with you again, I'll bookmark this blog and check in from time to time so I guess that will me the second follower. Catch you later and good luck with your book fella.

  2. Wow, I am the typo king...this is why I'm not a copywriter.