Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where You're Coming From

Occasionally, I look at the "stats" page for this blog, but I've only ever looked at number of page views. Not being the savviest or technically proficient blogger on the Internet, I only just now realized I can track where the traffic is coming from, and even what search phrases led folks here.

I would have thought that most of my page views would have come from Gonen's World. But I would have been wrong. Most comes from Google when people search for stuff that has nothing to do with me.

This list amuses me: it's the search phrases that have most often led people to my blog. It is not what I would have expected. These are in order from highest (35) to lowest (3). These are linked to the page that I mentioned the search phrase on.

"Virginia Hey nude" (no doubt those 35 folks were disappointed); "Jan Stenfors"; "Corinne Clery"; "Jane Seymour Sinbad" (can't blame those guys - insert tiger noise here); "Nasty Suicide"; "Seann McAnally"; "Classic Traveller character sheet"; "whatever happened to Lynn Holly Johnson,"; and, connected to that last one, "roller skate fetish." Oddly, all three of that last one came from Australia. Weird. Maybe it was the same guy.

You'll see that almost all of those link to one of my "Bondage" posts where I reviewed the Bond movies (up through the Timothy Dalton era; I'm doing the rest in November to celebrate the new Bond movie). But apparently I get the occasional Hanoi Rocks fan or the Aussie roller skate fetishist.

So, for my three Australians, I leave you with this: Lynn-Holly Johnson on skates.

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