Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Not You, Facebook - It's Me.

I have deleted my facebook account (again) and while I will probably start it back up again sometime in the near future (there are too many people I'll lose contact with, and, after all, I giggled like a schoolboy when one of my personal heroes, Andy Hopp, sent me a friend request - that's kinda hard to walk away from), but I'm not going to until I can learn how to 1) behave myself, and 2) ignore others who are bugging me. Frankly, I just don't think I'm mature enough for facebook.

I have an unpopular opinion that I can't prove about facebook status updates; they're a perfect avenue for passive aggression or actual aggression, and this is what many people use it for, whether they really know it or not. The favorite pasttime seems to be to post something purposely provocative, then crying foul when someone is upset by it ("what? I'm just giving my opinion!"). Well, your opinion sucks and it pisses me off. So there. I'm tired of looking at it. Even more annoying are those generalized, vague posts that are clearly and angrily aimed at a specific person, written in such a way as to garner support from sympathetic friends. I find it all irritating. In fact, I spend much of my time irritated about one thing or another, so I guess all I'm doing with my "facebook stalk-off" is to eliminate a source of annoyance until I'm better able to cope with annoying bullshit. I mean, I know I can go through and stop certain people from showing up in my newsfeed, but that's an awfully big pain in the patootie. So, really, giving your opinion about something in your facebook status update is basically the same as putting it on a sign and placing it in my front yard.  

I do need facebook for professional purposes, so I've made another one that is "the work me."

If anyone from facebook is looking for me and somehow found me here, hello. I'll be back on facebook eventually. In the meantime, this is "the real me." Please let me know you were here, if you're not one of my two readers.

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  1. Obviously, I ended up making one for work. I can't really stay away, though I sometimes loathe myself for it. :)