Monday, July 23, 2012

"Bad" Bad Guys

I've been reading DC's Flashpoint, thanks to a loan from Joebeslaus, and that's got me back into the superhero groove for a while.

One thing the Cape City setting has always been missing is more really great supervillains. I think Penny Dreadful is about played out for now, and can languish in prison for a while (incidentally, like most great super-ideas, Penny appears to be taken). As we think up some new Cape City Villains, some cautionary examples of really dumb supervillains might be in order. 

Here's a great article on some of the worst supervillains of all time, and here's an earlier one on the same blog. They include such losers as Mr. Polka Dot, Stiltman, the Purple Piledriver, Mister Doll, the Porcupine, Crazy Quilt, the Calculator, and Kite-Man...

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