Tuesday, July 10, 2012

13 Days to Warehouse 13

Ooh! I just realized the new season of Warehouse 13 starts on July 23. If you don't watch this show, you ought to try it. Warehouse 13 is sort of like Eureka (it shares a fictional universe, and characters sometimes cross over). By that I mean it's not too deep, just good silly entertainment with plenty of action and feel-good teamwork-related stories. When you've just finished, say, Pillars of the Earth, Game of Thrones, or similar material, it's nice to sit back, watch a show, and NOT get pissed off at the main characters. Joanne Kelly is adorable,and Eddie McClintock is likeable as a tough guy with a touch o' geek. For my money he's a better leading geek-TV man than David Boreanaz, because, let's face it, while legions of Buffy/Angel fans adore Boreanaz, you all know down deep that he's the guy who used to kick your ass in high school.

Like I say, Warehouse 13 ain't Shakespeare, but for escapist entertainment it's almost (not quite, but close) as good as it gets. It also proves that good entertainment can still be clean and more-or-less positive and uplifting, and I always like to remind myself of that when I'm feeling too dark or cynical.

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