Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fantasy Cheese Pt. 3: The Sword and the Sorcerer

The next installment in our series is actually not so bad. The Sword and the Sorcerer is pretty awesome when you're about 13, or 13 at heart. Wikepedia reports that the film had generally positive reviews and was the highest-grossing independent film of 1982, which is surprising. Meanwhile, Variety refers to it as an "atrocity-a-minute").

Lee Horsley (of TV's Matt Houston) stars as Talon, a prince whose parents are killed by a usurper, Cromwell, who is in league with a disgusting sorcerer/monster (I'm not sure what it is). Talon escapes, grows up, becomes a mercenary and gets revenge. Rather than taking the throne himself, he gives it to some other distant relatives, one of whom (not knowing who he is) agrees to spend one night with him if he can help destroy Cromwell. But in the end, Talon goes off adventuring again, never revealing his true identity.

It's pretty much as simple as that. The highlight of the movie is when Talon is crucified in a dining hall to impress Cromwell's guests. He ends up pulling the nails out of the cross and attacking, which launches a full-fledged battle.

Overall, some less-than-awful acting, some decent dungeon-stomping fight scenes, and a ridiculous three-bladed sword - that can shoot the blades, no less - makes this one to remember. Fun trivia - Lee Horsley ended up becoming a Western novelist.

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