Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fantasy Cheese, Pt. 2: Deathstalker

This 1983 Conan rip-off from Argentina, produced by Roger Corman, is about as cheesy at it gets. It is noteworthy for almost nothing, other than a mostly topless Lana Clarkson, who is sadly absent from most of this trailer.

Clarkson plays a female warrior called Kaira who has an aversion to clothing. She teams up with Deathstalker (yes, that's the big hunk's name) and comes to a bad end. Clarkson came to a bad end in real life, too. You've heard about it, trust me.

Also, despite what this movie poster would have you believe, there is no cool-looking monster in this movie. There is, however, a big muscleman in a pig mask. Compared to Deathstalker, our previous entry Hawk the Slayer is Citizen Kane. Some fantasy films of the Eighties are in "so bad they're good" territory. Deathstalker is not one of them, unless you purposely watch it to laugh. In that case, it's pretty entertaining.

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