Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uncle Sam + Ronnie James Dio

We have a federal auditor coming to work today - a random check, they say - and my bosses are annoyed by the intrusion. They decided to come on the one day we have a ton of things to do, they're rude, they're bossy, and totally inflexible. Personally, I think one of our major daily competitors is well-connected and that's how this happened. Anyway, my boss asked me to play some annoying music during the process. So, ladies and gentlemen of the federal government, I give you, at volume level 8 on my computer, an afternoon of Ronnie James Dio. Other than that, I plan on answering every question with, "You'll have to ask my boss."
Update: I took one look at the guy and turned off the Dio. :)

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