Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip, Part 4

Day Three (part 2). After enjoying the vistas of Mount Lemon, we dropped off Grandma Jan and made our way to Whataburger. I seem to remember there being one in K.C. somewhere, but lost track of it. They have a guy who comes around to your table with little ketchup cups. Otherwise it's basically like a Burger King.

After that it was Pima Air and Space Museum. It was the most expensive thing we visited during our vacation ($14) but there's certainly a lot to see, and, in the opinion of well-traveled folks I asked about it, it is "Smithsonian quality." There were five hangars full of planes from all eras of aviation history (and brutally hot walks across arid gravel in between them). Again, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Here are some of my favorites:

After this, we were all hot and tired, and we enjoyed some time at the pool before going over to Grandma Jan's. Her boyfriend Kurt cooked some steaks for dinner. Then we drove out to the edge of town where it was really dark, got out Connor's telescope and found Saturn by dead reckoning (I spotted it, he homed in on it w/out the laser guide...which isn't easy). Then it was home for bed...

How can you beat a day like that?

Tomorrow: Tombstone.

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  1. I hoope you keep these coming. I have pushed them over to my blog site, giving you credit of course. I have had a few people say they have enjoyed them. I do to.