Monday, August 22, 2011

Playtesting, Shplaytesting.

Here's a quick entry with a new game my buddy Joe, known to Warhammer freaks as Zobeslaus, clued me into.

We Didn't Playtest This At All is a quick-play (one to 10 minute) card game with only a few simple rules: everyone starts with two cards. Then on your turn, you draw a card and play a card. That's it. Just follow the instructions on the card.

The goal is to win. By playing cards, you make other people lose. An entire game can be played in a few minutes.

The card text is all very silly. Cards range from rock-paper-scissors scenarios, placing "bombs" on the table (when a certain number of "bombs" are on the table, everyone loses), or ones that make someone else lose, but you too - that card is called "Spite."

I have not played this - but it seems a perfect companion to an evening of a tabletop RPG or a more complicated board game. Social, simple, and accessible to non-game geeks: that's what makes a successful game in my book.

So if they can release a game without playtesting it at all, I can review it without playing it at all.

Here's some mixed reviews from Board Game Geek.

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