Friday, July 1, 2011

"Masquerade" at Tacticon 2011

Every now and then, Masquerade of Horrors pops up out of nowhere, and Hermann Von Barbe rides again. The adventure (by me and Colin in case you forgot) is one of several featured in a four-hour time slot at Tacticon, a gaming convention over Labor Day weekend in Colorado. Sumit Sarkar (aka prettyflybrownguy on various forums), who is running it, just sent me some nice comments about the adventure and asked if we had any extra handouts or maps for it (alas, no, as we wrote this to “fit anywhere”). He’s promised to let us know how that goes (he’s playtesting it this weekend with his regular group).

Anyway, it’s gratifying to know folks are still noticing and enjoying the adventure. Maybe Colin and I should finally get around to writing that sequel.

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