Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life After Rock

This just in - filed at the top of my "why the hell do I think this is noteworthy?" category:

Former Hanoi Rocks rhythm guitarist Nasty Suicide:

Is now mild-mannered Finnish pharmacist Jan Stenfors:

Same guy. I guess there is life after rock after all. It is somehow heartening to know that one can ingest well over half of the vodka and cocaine in the Western hemisphere and turn out OK in the long run. Well done, Jan. I hope you're living well. I always thought you didn't get enough camera time, what with Michael Monroe's and Andy McCoy's constant mugging. There would be no Guns & Roses without you. Well, no Izzy, anyway.

As for why Hanoi Rocks is so underrated and doesn't get the credit they deserve for a) refining, if not inventing, the "hair band" look, and b) mixing punk and metal long before it was cool (i.e., obligatory), well...that's another post.


  1. I posted this so long ago no one will see this comment, but I just realized how much this dude looks like Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad, etc.)

    1. When I look at pictures of young Nasty, I'm always amazed how similar he and Jyrki69 (The 69 Eyes) look like! I wonder if they're relatives...

    2. They are all relatives in Finland :)

  2. wow I did not recognize him. But yes, his feature, his smile.. this is our Nasty.