Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back on the Vape Gang

Argh. Grumble. Bicker. Snipe. I am irritable today.

I have stopped smoking again, sort of. That is, I'm on the e-cigarette (non-cartridge variety). I have two of them now (because they don't hold a charge very long), a blue one and a white one, both from Vaper's Corner.

This is my second major attempt. At first, I loved the e-cigarette. I still got nicotine, and I still got to inhale something. But somehow, after about two weeks, I'd find myself wanting a real cigarette. So, as my friend Goonie says, there must be something other than nicotine in real cigarettes that I'm addicted to.

Another problem is that the e-cigarettes do require a bit of maintenance, which I don't always have the patience for when I'm ready to smoke. Er, vape. As for flavors, I enjoy Turkish Tobacco, Desert Ship, My Seven, and Flue-cured Tobacco. I avoid the fruity or coffee or candy-type of flavors.

I've also figured out how to make my own filters with tea bags (you've gotta take the tea out), which saves even more money.

So wish me luck, offer me support, or just send me some good vibes as I try to stay on the vape gang. I may never kick nicotine, but surely I, who have quit some excellent jobs and relationships, can quit cigarettes.

If this try doesn't work, my next step is to visit a cancer ward and see what those guys have to say about it.


  1. What I found for myself, when I tried to quit smoking using nicotine replacement stuff (I did the patch, trying to follow in Wimp's footsteps) was that for me it worked great for about two weeks. After about two weeks I always managed to rationalize smoking a cigarette.