Thursday, January 20, 2011

BAD GUYS Adventures

Two episodes ("Kansas City Here I Come" and "Against the Northsiders") of the three part "Bullets Over Cowtown" campaign for BAD GUYS are up on the game's page. The third episode, "Country Club Nightmare," was outlined but never completed, and involved the final confrontation between the heroes and Lazia, setting them up to take over town and go head-to-head with Lazia's former Chicago bosses.

While this campaign wasn't finished due to holiday schedules, it served its purpose as an introduction to the Fudge system for our group. We did some valuable playtesting, figured out what we like and don't, and what we want to do in the next Cape City game (which will "go Fudge").

Those who give a crap about that can read all about at the Star Chamber.

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