Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hands Off My Band b/w Heavy Metal Alibi

I've been promising to share these demos with a few people and haven't yet, so here they are. I'm experimenting (off and on) with the new laptop and recording software. Hopefully, the sound will improve over time. Until then, I'll just call it lo-fi. Consider this a 7-inch single, so underground that only three or four people are cool enough to hear it.

Hands Off My Band was originally for Captain Murgatroyd, but the Captain has returned to his super-fortress in Iceland and the song was only rehearsed once. Lacking the talents of the other Agents of Murgatroyd, I am forced to present it solo, thanks to the preset "metal" drumbeat on my keyboard (which fit too well for comfort).

Heavy Metal Alibi really needs another vocal track but I'm not up for it. The drums are basically me hitting keys live (2 tracks worth) and could be worse, but are still very sloppy. The lyrics at the end are wrong and make no sense. That's OK. I think I'll just leave this one as-is. I've tried re-recording it and it just loses something.

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  1. Evol Snyder's body, entombed in tungsten below the Carpathian Mountains...