Monday, June 7, 2010

Where the Hell Have I Been?

Let the new posts begin.

I've been lax on keeping up with my blog. Why? I guess the main reason why is that as far as I know, I have a readership of one, Mr. Ryan Ashmore. That's OK. I was basically just doing this for kicks anyway, playing around with the blogging software. It's also something to keep me busy during my little 15-minute bursts of free time here at work. It's not something I've taken very seriously.

But recently, to my horror, I realized that when you google "Seann McAnally," this blog comes up. So I thought I'd start trying to update more regularly, just in case any long-lost friends out there should happen to stumble across this. And, as always, I'll count on a wee bit o' traffic from the Star Chamber, so I'll focus my posts on stuff I think like-minded folks will find interesting.

I've played around with my layout/colors a bit, but I still feel trapped by the templates. I'll have to do some research on that. Quite frankly, I ought to be figuring out Word Press. But what can I say? I've got a touch of the Lazy Bug most of the time...I may continue to play with the look of things over time.

So fair warning - let the update onslaught begin.

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