Monday, June 7, 2010

Gonen's World Blog Online

Gearing up for the 10th Anniversary Gonen's World campaign, I have decided to put together a blog like this one, only specifically for Gonen's World stuff. While I am slightly embarrassed to use a blog template that seems to have gotten a lot of mileage all over the internet (Scribe), I will try to remember that content trumps design and just leave it at that.

The blog will never be complete. It will have fiction from me, Colin Campbell, and Ryan Ashmore (and anyone else who might contribute), as well as pages for the History and Culture of Vlodasai, and an A-Z "Library" page with encyclopedia-type entries about various things. Then once the campaign starts, it will be a place to access copies of player handouts, downloads of character sheets and templates, etc. Who knows what else will go up there? Any ideas?

At any rate, you can find it here, and I hope it will help you soak up a portion of whatever free time you have.

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