Friday, October 30, 2009

Next stop, Winds of Chaos

Now that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is being completely overhauled by FFG - gone are the percentile dice, abundant careers, Halflings, and playing with more than three people - it seems a good time to leap wholeheartedly (at least half the time) into WFRP v2 fandom. The second edition of the game is going to need support.

Again, I won't bother railing about third edition, other than to make passive-aggressive little barbs like the one between long dashes in the last paragraph. What I will do is be proactive and supportive of the game I DO like.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - WFRP (v2) is "just right." It strikes a perfect balance between the almost-too-simple (Classic Traveller) and the almost-too-complicated (Rogue Trader et al).

The best resource out there, in my opinion, for the game is now There you'll find all sorts of invaluable playing aids. Obviously none of it is required, but if you ever need to know the phases of Mannslieb, conditions along a given Imperial road, need some handy weather generation, or just want a much, much longer list of possible disfigurations, you don't need to go anywhere else.

But the site really needs more scenarios. There are two up there now, both by Chuck Morrison. He took first place in both of Black Library's scenario contests. I'm pleased to announce that I am now an official contributor to Winds of Chaos, and a revamped version of Masquerade of Horrors, by Colin Campbell and I, will be up sometime in November. The new edition features art (one of the few pictures I've done that I don't think sucks), new fancy layout and even some minor rewriting (looking over the old version of the adventure, I couldn't believe how many typos and rules mistakes were in it), and a new sidebar on how to keep Hermann Von Barbe alive for a sequel.

That sequel will probably come sometime in 2010, if I can talk Colin into it. Until then, look for Masquerade of Horrors over the next few weeks, followed by my scenarios Honeymoon in Hurlach and Dokken's Dilemna (no, George Lynch does not make an appearance) over the next few months.

Masquerade is much different from the others - it's longer and the writing is more formal. Since then, I've found I prefer shorter scenarios with a lighter writing style, leaving more in the hands of the Game Master. So far, it's been entertaining stuff.

The reason I chose Winds of Chaos is because 1) unlike Strike to Stun and some other better-established sites, WoC won't take just any scenario, and 2) it's a high-quality site. I looked at many, and it is by far the most useful and interesting WFRP site out there, fan-created or no. Personally, I'm proud to be associated with it.

So it could be a few weeks before Dr. Chuck gets my stuff up online, but keep an eye out for it!

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