Friday, July 17, 2009

Gonen's World book scaled back...

It's become apparent to me that a full-size, 40+ illustration version of the book for Gonen's World: The Roleplaying Game is going to be unrealistic.

At this point, I just need to get it done - and that's not going to happen with the grand vision I have laid out for it.

Those of you who know me well know that I adore the old Classic Traveller books - you know, the 8.5x11 sheets folded over - the famous "Little Black Books." Well, in honor of that I've decided to do two "Little Blue Books." The first is Rules of Play, which has all the rules, and the second is World Guide, which has most of the background (there's a short background in the introduction to the first book, just in case someone doesn't want to read all that).

Anyway, to make the text of both books fit into 44 pages each, I had to make some tough cuts. The short stories are out. We have fine short stories from me, Ryan Ashmore and Colin Campbell, but those are going to have to wait for copies of Gonen's World Addendum. Also, I had to cut most of the illustrations. I'm saving only the very best (and the ones that fit most conveniently).

I have a lofty goal of finishing these by the end of July, and I'm hard at work on that today. Of course, I'm supposed to be writing about government issues for South Kansas City and Grandview, but let's face it - Gonen's World is far more interesting.

Keep your fingers crossed for an Aug. release.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Masquerade of Horrors" lives on

I don't believe it is actually posted online anywhere, but Colin Campbell and I once entered a scenario-writing contest Black Industries held for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We won second place and had fun writing our adventure, called "Masquerade of Horrors." It dealt with a psychotic hermaphroditic Slaanesh-worshipper who had a traveling theater troupe.

It's very gratifying that several years later I am still getting the occasional e-mail about this. I hope all the folks with the Illinois Thinking Dungeoneer's Society, who are currently playing the adventure, enjoy squaring off against the villainous Hermann Von Barbe and his band of theatrical weirdos.

It's so nice to hear from people about this stuff that I wonder how much nicer it would be if I had actually published anything. Alas, the RPG industry folks I've talked to about writing professionally have all been very discouraging. One wonders if they're not trying to scare away potential competition. :)

I'm off cigarettes (again).

I may still be using tobacco products, but as of today I'm officially off cigarettes. I get one Black & Mild a day, and I drag that baby out all day long, a few puffs at a time.

I have absolutely nothing else to say, other than with that, and my daily excercise regimen, I hope to be in fighting shape soon. A guy with no money has to attract the ladies by other means. :)