Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gonen's World Art Previews

Here are some previews of art for Gonen's World: The Roleplaying Game. The text is all finalized, and the layout is complete - I'm just drawing pictures and plugging holes at this point. The book is 56 pages long and contains the complete rules (how to create a character, game mechanics, magic, inventions, vehicles and so on), a complete guide to Vlodasai with full descriptions of all races, settlements and geographical features, the history of Vlodasai up until the Classic Age of Queen Farin (the default setting - we've gone way past that in our own games, obviously), including calendar, seasons, celestial bodies and lots of other "crunchy bits," a bestiary with all the monsters you know and hate (and some new ones!), 30 - yes, 30 - adventures and eight short stories by the likes of Colin Campbell, Ryan Ashmore, Connor McAnally and myself. The book is 8.5x11 (that's fourteen 11x17 sheets folded over, creating 56 pages), light cardstock full-color cover, and black and white illustrations throughout. Here are some examples:
A typical view from an airship porthole, with castle and "white flower" in the background.

A globe of Gonen's World, such as one might find in an academic's study. Note Vlodasai in the middle of the globe, with Jamerik jutting up just south of it. The writing is in the Voltern script (a simple substituion cypher, really) which is in the book.

Here is the first illustration from the "Making a Hero" chapter, showing examples of the different carreers. From left to right, we have a Criminal, Barbarian, Mechanic (wee moldai), Aeronaut, Soldier, and Academic (blue kathkari).

...and this is the second illustration from the "Making a Hero" chapter, showing the Bravo, Mathemagician (red kathkari), Scout, Dilettante, Monk, and Priest (in this case, a priest of Darius).

The book is divided into two parts - the Rules of Play and World Guide. This is the "splash page" for the rules section. Some of you might have seen earlier versions of this picture before. I call it "5:10 to Highseat" and it shows Queen Farin's flagship returning to the capitol after some mission. The Voltern script on back of the ship says "Hot Queen."

This is an illustration from Colin Campbell's short story "Lockpicker!" which details one of Corso's many misadventures.

...and the second illustration from "Lockpicker!" Note the little mouth on the chest, and you know what sort of magical alarm Corso faces in the story (not to mention the maniacal little wee moldai!).

That's it for now, I will post more as they come and keep you updated on the way. Of course I won't spoil everything - for most of the pictures you'll just have to wait for the book. I hope to have it all done by the end of summer, in time for a new Gonen's World campaign this fall.

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