Friday, May 22, 2009

Too Many Projects, Too Little Time

OK, here's what I'm working on lately.

Gonen's World: The Roleplaying Game. A full-fledged, original RPG that I've already discussed here ad infinitum. This is my magnum opus. I can't really move forward on any other projects until this one is complete. The writing is done, the final edit is done, but I have a LOT of illustration to do and I'm out of practice (I'm fairly decent at line art, but when it comes to color and shading I have a lot to learn).

After that, I'm going to dabble in some pre-existing game systems that I enjoy.

Howard Hughes' Doom Platoon. This is a mini-campaign (three connected adventures) for Savage Worlds. I am going to put it on my forthcoming Savage Worlds fan site, (there's nothing there, but I've got the name). In this alternate 1950s, set against the backdrop of the Cold War, Howard Hughes has secretly funded a team of elite international adventurers to track down mysterious ancient artifacts (the Urim & Thummim is the first). What does he want them for? Well, I'm not going to spoil the ending. This game was inspired by, believe it or not, an old 1958 World Atlas that has international flight schedules and stuff in it, and really succinct descriptions of cool places.

Swords Against Satan. This is designed as a lengthy campaign for Savage Worlds. I have always enjoyed the grim nature of the Warhammer World. But the real Europe of the 1500s and 1600s was far grimmer than any fiction. In this campaign, the heroes must collect five sacred artifacts to assemble a super-weapon that will destroy the Son of Satan (who just happens to be the Pope). By doing so, they can bring an end to the Hundred Years War and usher in the modern age. The heroes will have to collect artifacts from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and the Far East. This is a "mish-mash" campaign, meaning it's been weaved together from several sources (mostly GURPS Illuminati, the Savage World of Solomon Kane, and my stack of European history books), so I'll probably not put it up on, which I'll save for more original material.

Untitled Project (working title: "BC"). A mini-RPG of archaic Greece - that is, the pre-Classical Age, prior to the Greek Dark Age, using the VSM system (open licence). Historically, this is about the time of the Trojan War, the height of Minoan civilization (and, further south, the events depicted in the Biblical Exodus). But this isn't a historically accurate game: this is an archaic Greece designed for adventure, patched together from Edith Hamilton's Greek myths, Herodutus' Histories, and movies like "Clash of the Titans" and other great claymation epics. Rules-lite in the extreme, this game is intended as a one- or two-session diversion for experienced gamers. Mostly, it's just a chance for me to use a bunch of cool public domain Victorian-era engravings of Greek stuff. :)

There are more projects to discuss - Moons of Uranus, Space Station Zulu, Apocalypse Later, Owtland, and others. But I'm at work now, and real life has intervened, so I will save those for a later post.

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