Monday, February 16, 2009

I Stink, Therefore I Am

Andy Hopp, you're a genius.

I say this because I once made fun of Low Life, a setting for Savage Worlds, on a message board. I hadn't really seeen it. I was just sounding off. Anyway, I was roundly blasted by everyone who has ever had anything to do with Pinnacle Entertainment Group and even earned a personal rebuke from Shane Hensley for calling Low Life "silly." I think I also called Cheyenne Wright a lousy artist, which he isn't. I was just in a bad mood that day, having just been soundly blown off in an e-mail from a former PEG staffer, and in one ill-considered post burned all my bridges with that crew.

Well, Low Life is silly. But it's awesomely, brilliantly silly. In fact, it may be the most creative and original (and certainly the funniest) of all the so-called "savage" worlds.

Our game group played it as a fill-in game when one of us was sick. We didn't want to play our "main game" (WFRP, incidentally) without him, so I grabbed Low Life. It was a good read, but I hadn't actually played it. I figured it was not serious enough for our group. Once again, I was wrong. We all really had a good time, and Mr. Hopp kept us giggling.

The players rose to the occasion with some great names: Flatus Bumpudding (a pile), Fluffy Muff Puff (a cremefilian), Gertrudius With Much Spirt (a bodul), and Pi'ik (a croach, whose mother coughed when she named him).

Low Life may be the official "filler" game for the forseeable future. When one of our group was in the bathroom, we actually discussed making it a "rolling" campaign, where each time we play it a new person runs the next chapter. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, on the off chance that Andy Hopp googles himself (he would come up with a good joke there, I'm sure) and he sees this, let me just say thanks. You've proven a comedy campaign can be playable and compelling, in addition to being side-splittingly funny.

More from the weird world of Andy Hopp, and a link to order the book, can be found at his website.

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