Sunday, February 22, 2009

Damage Reduction, Revisited

After a good suggestion from Meanie (see comments on the GW Final Draft post), I've made a change. I had removed Power and Accuracy, changed the name of Might to Power, and instituted a system of "stat bonuses," whereby the Power Bonus is equal to the first digit of Power, Grace Bonus is equal to the first digit of Grace, Mind Bonus was equal to the first digit of Mind, and Spirit Bonus is equal to...well, you got it.

The original draft had no "damage reduction." In the new draft, Power Bonus is added to melee damage and also reduced from incoming damage. Meanie suggested that certain classes might use a different bonus for damage reduction. This makes total sense to me.

To that end, I propose the following breakdown:

Barbarian, Scout, Soldier (Power Bonus)
Aeronaut, Criminal, Monk (Grace Bonus)
Academic, Mathemagician, Mechanic (Mind Bonus)
Bravo, Dilettante, Priest (Spirit Bonus)

Arguments could be made various ways, I suppose, but I think these make pretty good sense, even though they don't necessarily follow the "primary stat" for each career.

Each character now has a "Damage Reduction" factor (DR) that is not really a stat, but is equal to the appropriate bonus for their career.

Nice suggestion!

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