Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cigars, News Feeds, Dark Heresy

Three short blurbs for you today.

First of all, my quest to quit smoking has hit a snag. I started smoking those yummy little Black & Mild cigars as a crutch here and there. Now I'm pretty much smoking one a day, which may well be just as bad as a whole pack of cigarettes. I don't know how to find out, scientifically, whether I have basically made no progress whatever. I'll have to cut back, no doubt about it. I did pretty good last night, so we'll see. This will be an uphill struggle and I'm likely to slide part of the way back down that hill a few times before I make it to the top.

Second, I added a news feed from GamingReport.com, which is where I get a lot of my gaming industry news. I hope it is useful to someone (I just kinda like the way it looks). I wonder how one became an RPG journalist? Probably by going to conventions and getting to know people. I have sent exploratory e-mails about this sort of thing before and never got a reply. You'd think someone with my love of gaming and journalistic background would be useful to someone. Unfortunately, most of the RPG "news" sites I have seen simply reprint press releases from the game companies (i.e., Free Advertising), or are simply review sites. Some readers might like to know about the financing, the distribution deals, all that other good stuff that any legitimate reporter should hit first when covering a "business beat."

Finally, my son is at the age (16) where he could benefit from gaming with grown-ups. He's been asking me to start a Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000 RPG) campaign, but it's tough to get my friends to commit to another game. Most already have very busy schedules. But I have at least three people on board for an every-other-Monday game (strictly speaking, I guess it's a "first and third Monday" game). I'm currently trying to decide if that's enough people. Dark Heresy is probably deserving of its own post, so I'll drop that for now, other than to say if you're reading this and can spare two Mondays a month for some grim science fantasy adventure, let me know.

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