Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Trouble: World on Fire

I have a modern game universe called "Big Trouble" in which I've set several adventures, including the Cape City games, my infamous "Air Force Base" alien game, and my short-lived racing game, Big Trouble on I-70. Now I've started a new one.

In addition to our main gaming group, I have a "junior" group consisting of my son and his cousins. While Connor was out of town last summer, I ran a game with the cousins using the Savage Worlds system. It was a re-vamp of my old "Big Trouble on I-70" game. Two brothers, Antoine and Stefonn Bondares, were hired by a U.S. Senator to drive a Cadillac from Baltimore to Hollywood. From the get-go people start chasing them: Nazi bikers, Men in Black, State Troopers, and so on. Eventually they realize they're carrying some valuable cargo (an odd briefcase in the trunk). After a cross-country ultra-violent crime spree (along with a hot Hispanic chick called El Camino) the brothers realize they've got some alien technology in the trunk. One thing leads to another and they learn that the CIA recovered a star map from the alien crash at Roswell. Now, the aliens have returned and want it back. But the government was blackmailing the aliens, withholding its return in exchange for high-tech secrets. The Bondares brothers make their way to Utah and return the star map to the aliens. Unfortunately they are betrayed by El Camino, who works for the Department of Homeland Security. For thwarting the government's plans to blackmail the aliens, the brothers are thrown into a top-secret prison in Alaska called the Freezer, where political prisoners are held without trial.

Now, in "Season Two," the brothers meet a new character, Dr. Ulysses Kane (Connor) in prison. Kane is a charismatic con man who once worked for MI6. Unfortunately, he embellished some intelligence reports that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. This report made it back to the Americans, and...well, look what happened. Eventually Kane's lie was found out, and he was thrown into the Freezer.

Now, the Bondares brothers and Ulysses Kane will have to figure out a way to get out of prison. But that's just the beginning. They will soon stumble onto an ancient conspiracy that seeks to ensure the upcoming Apocalypse, and it will be up to them to save the world.

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